Images of Cheetahs in the Wild

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On this website you will find images of wild cheetahs taken by Will Burrard-Lucas in Africa.

About Cheetahs

Binomial Name: Acinonynx Jubatus

Cheetah subspecies
– Asiatic Cheetah
– Tanzanian Cheetah (African Cheetah)
– King Cheetah
– Sudan Cheetah
– South African Cheetah
– North-west African Cheetah

Cheetahs are found in some parts of Africa, and in the mountains of Iran.

The Cheetah is a member of the big cat family and is the fastest animal on four legs. Running flat-out, a Cheetah can reach speeds of 50-60 miles per hour.

The Cheetah is a sexually dimorphic species with male Cheetahs being typically larger than females. Cheetahs are characterized by a thin head, long legs and tail, and by solid black spots on a golden fur coat. Cheetah cubs often have a silver tuft of hair on their upper neck, which helps conceal them in the grass. This tuft of hair fades as the cub grows into a sub-adult.

Cheetahs are known for the slender athletic build which enables them to reach high speeds when running. However, when at kills and in competition with scavengers such as Hyenas or Lions, the Cheetah’s slender build is a handicap.

Cheetah cubs have a high mortality rate due to being killed by other predators such as lions or leopards for competition. This is why some Cheetah mothers have been observed to have 6-10 cubs in a single litter.

In Africa, the Cheetah hunts Gazelles and other small antelopes. It will also hunt Zebra foals or Wildebeest calves if given the chance. The Cheetah will chase its prey in a sprint and use its tail as a rudder whilst turning at high speeds.

The Cheetah is sometimes considered as the most vulnerable of the big cats. Threats include poaching, habitat loss, predation from other predators, and most recently, the illegal pet trade with exotic animals. With the Cheetah population numbering less 10,000 individuals, the Cheetah is in trouble.